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The Darwinator software is a web-based tool for running idea tournaments. An idea tournament is a process through which candidate ideas are submitted by individuals and then peer evaluated. Idea tournaments are used by groups to select names, identify and select product opportunities, vet process improvement initiatives, etc.

This version of the Darwinator tool is available for use at no charge by anyone. We reserve the right to delete any tournament that has had no activity for 30 days or more, so please export any data you wish to archive. Please also note that this is a prototype system, and so may have some bugs. Don't use the system for life-critical decisions (e.g., which cancer treatment to provide for a patient, whether to marry Billy or not, etc.).

How it Works

You register for an account and create a new tournament, for which you will become the "administrator." You assign a "tournament code" to your tournament, which allows others who know the code to find and join the tournament. For example, a tournament for a new pizza concept might use the code "pizza" or any other code you choose.

You invite members of your team to register (if they are not yet Darwinator users) and to use your tournament code during the registration sequence. This automatically enrolls them in your tournament. If they are already Darwinator members, they can "join an existing tournament" by clicking on the appropriate link after logging in and then entering the tournament code.

You ask users to submit a certain number of ideas to your tournament, with that target value established by you under "settings" on the tournament administration page. Then, you will typically request that users return to the site and evaluate submissions. Again, you set the target number of evaluations under settings. The Darwinator system presents ideas for evaluation in random order, excluding that user's own ideas. Finally, users can view a variety of reports on their and others submissions by clicking on My Reports and/or on Users-Reports or Submissions-Reports.

You, as the administrator, may select/deselect items for inclusion in the tournament, edit any item, and/or change tournament parameters. Note that you can control which functionality is available to users by selecting one or more of the survey modes: submissions, evaluations, and reports. Some administrators like to allow all three simultaneously, while others like to run the tournament in three distinct phases.

Good luck with your tournament!

Demo and Trial

If you'd like to play around and get a feel for the system, you can register and enter the code "pizza" for a sample pizza tournament. You can enter pizza concepts and/or evaluate concepts and see reports. You can also create a new tournament at any time. (Remember, we'll delete a tournament with no activity after 30 days.)